Mental Health in Workplaces is a Big Question?

Companies that promote Mental Health and supports it's Employees in a timely manner are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from associated economic gains.

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You can’t afford to ignore employee mental health anymore

Employees feel emotionally detached at work
Indian Employees are not happy at work
Employees feel miserable at work
The Big Solution

Friends Therapy

De-stress Instantly with Friends Therapy.
A 30 mins chat with smartly matched peers via our smart algorithm guarantees you an empath to listen to and share opinions!

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What Do Employer's Get

A Smart Go-To Feel Better Platform

We have an entire Eco-system of Mental Well-being offerings for your employees. A wholesome community to safely express, vent, feel better and elevate their everyday mood..

Peer Chat - JM
Smart Community - Friends Therapy
Our mWarriors (Mind Warriors), don't just listen to respond. They understand, without judgments and have a conversation with you.
After all it's easy confiding in friends, isn't it.
Snuggles Bot - JM
Your 24x7 AI Buddy
No more apprehension on opening up about your feelings. Talking to snuggles our AI bot is so much easier.
He is available for your 24/7.
Psssst.. He won't let your boss know you vented out to him.
Well-Being Coaches
Employees can choose to talk to jM well-being coaches who are experienced global mental health professionals offering highly personalized coaching & supportive therapy.
MCorner - JM
DIY Self-Help Tool Kit
We have a bank of self help tools to boost employees energy and get them going throughout the day. They can take a 10 min break even while sitting at a desk and do quick a Mindfulness activity.
We bet they'll need it post lunch hours.
What Do Employer's Get

Get Structured Reports and Insights.

We help you understand the top challenges your employees face, and what their feedback is.

Real-Time Employee Insights
Make Your Own Report
Continuous Employee Engagement


We understand that driving takeup, usage and engagement is hard.
We have a solution for that and much more!

Reduce overall healthcare costs
Lower job burnout and employee turnover
Improve productivity

Awards & Recognition

Increase your

Happiness score

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