Princess Leia - Came over her fear of loneliness and learnt to love herself

When Gabbar Talked About His Feelings!

Princess Leia - Zoya Khan
September 18, 2021

Ever wonder what villains' hearts are really made out of? Pink mush. Lots and lots of fuzzy mush and love that was not given enough attention by the world. Either their family didn't take the time out or they lived in difficult conditions, or both!

If you listen to Gabbar's iconic laughter carefully, you'll realise it's a cry for help! His idea of cutting off people's ears and noses was probably inspired from his mother giving him a really hard time for being sensitive, and twisting his nose and ears everytime he was mischievous.

Behind Gabbar's evil smile is a child wanting to be free of sadness and anger...someone who just wants to be sat down and asked what his or her favorite ice cream flavour is! 'Are you okay? Is there something you need other than the lives of policemen? Do you sleep well every night? I'm here for can be yourself and no one will judge you.'

They say even water crystallises differently depending on how it's spoken to! Plants grow differently depending on the amount of love they're given. If Gabbar was given the love and attention in his early years, he would have chosen a better path - he would probably have a wife, children and the cutest grandchildren. People would call him Gabru uncle or Gramps!

Imagine a world where people embraced his madness, patiently listened to his needs, spoke to him and advised him often, and ensured he talks about all his difficult emotions. What if his peers just sat him down and asked him how he's feeling. Does he need a hug everyday to calm down? Just imagine a world where that was possible and common and encouraged. Here's what would happen:

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