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Mind, Body, and a Bubble Bath

Princess Leia - JumpingMinds Team
April 7, 2022

Life is a roller coaster ride. Pretty much for everyone. Be it teenagers or adults. The younger generation's troubles and emotional journey may feel insignificant when compared to adults, but boy oh boy, it's not easy for them either. In all this turmoil, taking time for self-care and promoting physical and emotional wellness can be of great help in shaping the way they view themselves and improving their mental wellbeing.

The Mental Health Spectrum

A simple visual of calmness or a friendly ear can help us see that mental wellness is the one end of the spectrum with the other side being physical health. Just like the moon, which is referred to best when it comes to our complex emotions, we have many phases depending on circumstances and external factors. And we need to cater to both mental and physical aspect of our health, after all, one needs both, mind and body to be in sync to feel good.

You know what, there's no one way to self-care. It is everything that makes one feel whole, healthy, and happy.

Well, if you're just starting, we do have a couple of self-tested solutions you can start with -

  • A Heavy Dose of Fresh Air - Many people have underestimated the benefits of getting some fresh air and what it can do to your mind and body. By actively being in connection and exploring nature, we tend to develop a sense of appreciation and also care about the wellness of nature and life itself, at the benefit of moving our bodies as well. A calm and composed activity, being around nature gives a sense of composure in solitude and the feeling of being held by mother earth is beautiful. So take a stroll, find nature around you and focus on nothing but your breath.
  1. Your very own Calm Down kit - The great thing about Calm Down Kits is that they are very much versatile and they have everything that you might need all in one place. Creating a Calm down kit is not just for calming you down when you’re stressed but is also a reassurance that no matter what happens, you know the way to your comfort place. It can have anything from your favorite blanket, relaxing music, the scent of your favorite perfume, or even pictures that bring back the best of memories. There is essentially no limit to what you can have in your calm down kit. Besides a calm down kit, you can also have an energizing kit for when you feel low or in the need of motivation. This helps you to awaken your senses, make you feel better, and ultimately bring you to the balanced side of the Mental Health Spectrum.
  • The Notebook - You know how journaling is said to be a form of therapy? Many people think that writing down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions is a lot of work and unnecessary and hence, they discard the idea of maintaining a journal or a notebook. However, imagine storing and carrying around the weight of those thoughts and feelings on your very own shoulders! A simple habit such as journaling can help individuals to unload and not carry around all that weight when they just don’t need to.
  • Mindful Breathing - Contrary to popular belief, being conscious about your breathing can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. Being one with your body not only makes you feel better but gives you a feeling of better control of yourself and your surroundings. Many apps can help individuals to get more in tune with their minds and their bodies, also with the not so easy mindful breathing.
  • A Chat Buddy - Sometimes all you need to feel better is someone to talk to. A chat buddy, known or unknown, acts as a listener and someone to talk to in times of need. The jumpingMinds app does exactly that! You can chat anonymously with people, share your emotional burden, and all of it in a safe space where you won’t feel judged. Even if you don’t have people close to you with whom you can share things, these anonymous individuals can help by lending an ear and being your pillars of emotional and moral support.

So, what you waiting for, let's begin your self-care journey. Take charge of your mental health today.

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