Princess Leia - Came over her fear of loneliness and learnt to love herself

Journey of a Princess - From Lonely Leia to Loving Leia

Princess Leia - JumpingMinds Team
February 5, 2022

Not so long time ago, lived a princess - Lonely Leia. Lonely Leia was always dating someone! Since their teenage years, she had never been single, not even for a day. She found her happiness in her partners and when it got tough, she moved on to another very easily. This seemed to work for her really well. 

Lonely Leia looking for her next partner

One day she finally met her soulmate, she felt like he was the one. Everything about him was perfect.

Leia and Her Soulmate

But alas! He broke her heart instead. Suddenly the world came crashing down and Leia couldn’t believe what she was feeling.

Her breakup led her into a dark place

How could anyone break up with HER?  She felt sadder and sadder. Grey clouds covered her mind and she felt lonelier than ever. She couldn't stand to spend time with herself. Everything felt boring, stupid, useless. Even her favorite movies didn't interest her anymore.

Leia felt really lonely and sad

After days of the same gloominess, she realized something, something very bizarre. 

She realized she has never given time to herself, she was always busy pleasing her partner and escaping into his company instead of facing her own thoughts and emotions. She unknowingly sought attention and love from everyone except herself.

Slowly it dawned on her and the message from the universe was clear - she had to put all that time, effort, and attention into herself and make sure she's with no one before she begins loving herself.

She realized she has to start loving her self

It took all her courage, loneliness, hard work, and finally, one morning, she woke up smiling.

She finally felt happy

She took care of herself, ate nutritious food, went for walks, spent time with animals, hugged her family and friends often. Slowly the cloud of darkness lifted and left Leia with a sense of wholeness within her. Watching her favorite movies was fun again! Even when she was alone.

She took care of herself

The moment she needed no one else to love her, all she got was more and more attention from the most handsome men around! This time, Leia knew that she had to prioritize herself and find what makes her loveable for herself, and then the world is her oyster.

She became a magnet for love from everywhere

She gradually turned into her amazing self and is now called Loving Leia who shines brightly wherever she goes and is loved by all. Why? Because she loves herself. 

Finally, she turned from Lonely Leia to Loving Leia

If you also want to love yourself, start listening to your heart, slow down, and pay attention to your unique needs and wants. Try to enjoy your own company, even if it is difficult, to begin with. Slowly, it'll get better, and eventually, you'll love your own company the most! 

Love starts from thyself

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