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It’s Ok To Not Feel Festive On Festivals!

Princess Leia - JumpingMinds Team
January 6, 2023

I was wondering if you have felt drained out although it is the festive season.

Because I have felt as such once upon a time. Surely, I understand that festivals are the time to celebrate, but those don't interest me sometimes. After all, I used to say to myself; there is no point in celebrating with people who don't understand me the way I wish them to understand.

I am Isha, and I have drenched myself in negative thoughts of how to fake a smile and dance along to people's expectations. I used to believe that festivals are celebrated to bring the feeling of togetherness and freeze our mental turmoil with joy. Of course, I agree that festivals are to recognise our beautiful heritage and culture. But is it worth being dragged into unwillingly?

I have even googled how to pretend to be cheerful. Sadly, google didn't have the right answer I looked for back then. But later, I realised what google was hinting at me. Happiness comes within us, and if we are happy within ourselves, that's more than enough. It's ok if you don't have enough happiness to share with another person via dance or gift, but a simple smile will suffice.

It's ok if you too feel like Isha felt. But we at jumpingMinds, wish to remind you that you are never alone as long as we are there for you. In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 38% of people feel stressed due to lack of time, the financial pressure of gift-giving, family gatherings and many others. Further, 64% of people going through tough times feel worse during festive seasons.

Remember, you can now free your mind by talking to empaths and feel joyful for prioritising yourself with jumpingMinds.

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