Princess Leia - Came over her fear of loneliness and learnt to love herself

Impact of Daily Thoughts on Our Mind 🤔

Princess Leia - JumpingMinds Team
January 6, 2023

How often do you think about what you have been thinking? Or, to be precise, how often do you introspect?

Let’s hear what Arjun has got to say about how his daily thoughts gradually shifted from negative to positive, imbibing positive actions in him.

“I was often called over-sensitive in my past, which took a negative toll on me. As a result, I decided never to talk out how I felt due to my wrong assumption that speaking of my feelings defined me as mentally weak. To be considered bold and strong, I unknowingly began to shut off my emotions”, said Arjun.

But shutting off his emotions made him miss his old self. Being a voracious reader, he came across the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. The novel drastically changed his perspective on expressing himself. He realised that it’s ok to experience every thought and emotion as long as he does not let it harm his personality.

Arjun said, “After reading the novel Siddhartha, I realised I have to take care of myself rather than restraining myself from being me. That’s when I chose meditation as my path to self-love and self-care”.

According to research, an average person has more than 6000 thoughts per day. These thoughts could be linked to past experiences, current situations and possibilities of what would happen in the future. Hence, it heavily influences a person’s behaviour.

If you are currently weighing down by negative thoughts, let’s uplift your mind with Friends Therapy.

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