Princess Leia - Came over her fear of loneliness and learnt to love herself

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Princess Leia - JumpingMinds Team
January 6, 2023

What if I said everything you have been doing so far is all in vain to reach your goal?

My mind was revolving around such thoughts for ages unknown.

I am Ankesh, trying my best to build success via my little handmade gift shop that currently supports my family more than ever before.

Being from a poor financial background with education qualifications that I hesitated to talk of caused me to feel inferior, thus prolonging my courage to set up my shop. It always made me feel that I would be judged and my wish to start a business would be a mere fantasy. It also made me feel that if I started the business, I wouldn’t receive any customers, leading to shattering my family.

Nonetheless, my family trusted my capabilities even when I doubted myself. Their continuous support helps me gain confidence to pursue what I began, despite the several challenges I face. Although I was in fight or flight mode for a very long time, it is better late than never to test my limits without underestimating myself. Plus, how else would I know my capabilities without attempting something new?

We at jumpingMinds understand if you are going through the phase of uncertainties, self-underestimation and the fear of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone like Ankesh. And for the same reason, we wish you to talk out your feelings to anyone dear to you or to the empathetic people ready to be there for you at jumpingMinds.

It’s always best to let out your pressure than build it up till the breaking point.

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