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Bonding with Empathy for better Companionship!

Princess Leia - JumpingMinds Team
January 6, 2023

To begin with, understanding bonding, let’s first check out the story of Fire and Water.

Once upon a time, there was an argument between Fire and Water on what bonding means. This argument led to the challenge of finding their best companion. Both of them part ways, and that’s when Water met Ice. She was surprised when Ice said he was ready to melt and be one with her, no matter what! Similarly, Fire met Oil. He was taken aback to know that Oil would always support him and help him become brighter than he ever was! Thus, Fire and Water realized the true meaning of bonding.

Now you may wonder what our friends, Fire, and Water, found as the true meaning of bonding. Well, they realized bonding is not simply being present with one another but is beyond that. It is the unique feeling that’s borne when time is spent with the other, sharing affection, trust, and empathy with healthy communication. It’s with positive emotions that one bonds with another, showing signs of attraction, or what we now casually call- the vibe!

Bonding intensifies with empathy. An empath bonds with a person by trying to understand what that person is going through. They analyze a situation from their companion’s perspective by stepping into their shoes. Such a person would also express their interest and curiosity about the other. Along with that, the empath will appreciate and share their opinions for the betterment of that person.

At jumpingMinds, through healthy conversations, our mWarriors prove to be empath experts, thus helping out peers who seek out solutions. With the goal to spread beyond #OneBillionSmiles, we would love to have an ever-lasting bond with you! 💙 ✨

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